Don’t miss out on these awesome opportunities to support our incredible NSAA community! All funds raised at these events go directly back to our students in the form of supplies, technology, field trip opportunities, guest artists, and more. Thank you in advance for your support— it means the world to our community!

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February 23rd at 3pm

Join us for this super fun annual community fundraising event featuring fantastic student performances, student art marketplace, art activities, ice cream bowls, portrait model session and much more!



Ongoing Fundraiser

New School for the Arts and Academics is a public performing and visual arts charter school. Our Film, Digital Art, Digital Photo and Yearbook classes depend on updated computers with Adobe software. 

Our current computers are all over 8 years old and cannot handle the software needed for our classes. We need at least 10 new desktop computers. 

In a dream world, we would like 10 new 27” iMacs 3.4GHz with Retina display, which are $1,999 each. With these new computers we can have an updated computer system for our students to learn the most up to date software for their art projects. 

The students at New School for the Arts and Academics are grateful for your consideration and support for arts education. New School for the Arts and Academics is a non-profit and can accept tax credits, please contact our business manager for tax ID numbers for donations.